Mission Statement

The Christian Faith is at the heart of our school community. At Christ Church we care for each other and learn together.

Christ Church is a small, caring school which is committed to a broad, balanced curriculum and to a continual raising of standards.  We aim to contribute to the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical needs of every individual.

We are a Church of England school with a strong commitment to the teaching of Christianity, whilst also supporting a multi-faith approach to the curriculum. We recognise, value and celebrate the rich cultural diversity that exists in our school.

The Christian ethos of the school is reflected in our positive, disciplined and calm atmosphere.  We believe that effective learning takes place when children work in a purposeful and stimulating environment that supports a wide range of learning styles. Mutual respect between adults and children promotes excellent behaviour and well developed social skills.  With this approach we seek to achieve high academic standards.

We aim to cater for each individual, taking particular account of any specific needs or abilities.  We endeavour to ensure that all our children fulfil their potential and, within this context, we emphasise health and safety, enjoyment and achievement and the beginnings of responsibility for themselves and others. These skills will be carried forward to the next phase of education and throughout life.

The whole school community is committed to a collective responsibility for the implementation of the values inherent in this statement.

To view our 'Statement on British Values', please click here.


Our School Aims - Every Child Matters

The Ethos of the School

The school aims to provide a positive, disciplined and purposeful environment within a Christian context. We aim to teach children to be caring, to exhibit good behaviour and appropriate social skills and to begin to take responsibility for themselves and others.  

The Values of the School

The school aims to value every child and to contribute to the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical well-being of our whole school community. We value the diversity of our community and we aim to promote the health and safety of everyone.

The Standards of the School

The school aims to teach a balanced curriculum and to ensure that each child fulfils his or her potential. We aim to provide teaching and learning of a high standard. We believe that this is achieved when pupils are highly motivated, enjoy coming to school and are appropriately challenged.





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